Get to know us a little better.


Hi, I'm Rob.

For the past year, as you may know, I've been posting to Tiktok. A couple of months ago, I got my first ever viral video. I met a girl in late August who I would later ask to be my girlfriend, however I had no idea how to ask her out. What do you do in that situation? It needs to be special, right? Her house was constantly full of candles, and the idea struck me; what if I put a hidden message in the candle saying, "will you be my girlfriend"? I decided to record the complicated process of making candles with absolutely zero experience, and it actually went pretty well. The video, that is. Not the candle. After a huge demand for the product, I got to researching and finally perfected my candles. I hope you love them.


I'm Josie.

Over four months ago, Rob asked me to be his girlfriend with his first ever 'hidden message' candle. After posting a video to Tiktok showing the whole thing, it went pretty viral, and lots of people wanted to know if they could buy candles with their own messages. Like, a lot of people. There was no way that Robert could handle the amount of demand that Hoadys soon got, and that's where I came in to help him out. I adore making these candles and helping to run the social media, and of course getting to work with my best friend. That's always a plus. I hope you get as much happiness out of them as I have.