Josie Bicknelle - May 03 2023

Are candles only for winter?

Iremember in the first summer season for the business, Rob came to me concerned, not knowing how to advertise our candles over the hotter months. ‘People only buy candles in winter’, he said. I thought it might be an interesting topic of discussion.

There might be some truth to his statement, as I think that a lot of people would agree that when you think of candles, you think cosy, winter nights wrapped up in a blanket with candles crackling on your nightstand. People rush to the shops as soon as October hits, looking for their pumpkin or winter spice scented candles to make their homes feel warm and festive.

I know I’m certainly a victim of this, and I must admit that it is lovely to change up the vibe of your home with a sugary, spiced scent over the winter time. Despite this, I’m still the sort of person who has candles going around my house all year long, and I know a lot of you probably are, too.

In recent years there’s definitely been an increase in finding ways to make your home space feel more peaceful and relaxing, especially since Covid.

When everybody was forced into a lockdown, and therefore forced to stay indoors, we all started finding ways of sprucing up our homes to make them feel nicer. We redecorated, renovated, exclusively wore Oodies, and fully stocked up our homes with scented candles.

It’s fun to change up the vibe of your home every season - with florals for spring, juicy scents for summer, spiced apples in autumn and something that smells as edible as gingerbread for the wintertime.

So, on this front, I reassured Rob that no, candles are not just for winter. Although they probably hit their peak sales around that time, people are starting to use them all year round more and more.

'You're So Fucking Hot' candle

While the ‘self care’ market is thriving, candle sales will be too.

The next point I also made to him, is that although our company is technically a candle company, that’s really not all we are. We’re a gift giving company - we basically sell a cooler, more imaginative, upgraded version of a greetings card.

People have birthdays and anniversaries and baby showers all year round! And, specifically in the summer months, people want to feel good about themselves.

That’s where the idea for the ‘Hot Girl Summer’ collection spawned from. I wanted to have a product that was exclusively for the summer months, that filled people’s homes with a delicious fruity scent, and gave them confidence every time the wax melted down to reveal the hidden message.

Last year for the collection we included messages such as, ‘You’re So Fucking Hot’, and ‘Bad Bitch Energy’ so that people could either gift them to the people in their life, or give themself a confidence boost.

We also have a new hidden message for the collection this year, which I’ll keep as a secret for now.

In conclusion, no, candles are not just for winter. Personally, I can’t wait for our HGS collection to return - it’s definitely my favourite by far. See you then!!

'Hot Girl Summer' collection 

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