Josie Bicknelle - Mar 29 2023

Proposing with a Hidden Message Candle

Today on the blog I wanted to, instead of telling you one of our own personal stories, tell somebody else's. Hoadys is all about telling stories and celebrating all facets of love, and this story is definitely one that is full of love, and should be shared with you all.

As you may know, alongside standard message candles such as ‘I Love You’, and ‘Happy Birthday’, we also offer Custom Candles - bigger candles with more space to contain whatever message you’d like.

Since we started selling these customisable candles, we’ve had a lot of funny messages - and sometimes rude ones, too. One of the most common messages we’re asked to make, predictably, is ‘Will You Be My Girlfriend?’.

This wasn’t surprising at all, as the reason this business first started was due to Rob asking me to be his girlfriend with one of those very candles.

However, although we had anticipated that this one specific message may come, we were still shocked when we eventually did see the order come through.

A lovely customer of ours, Katie, had ordered a pink Custom Candle with a message that read, ‘Will You Marry Me?’.

I vividly remember seeing the order, and being in complete disbelief. It felt like such an overwhelming honour and a privilege that someone would take one of the most important and memorable moments in their life, and ask us to help with that.

I also remember feeling a huge amount of pressure and anxiety; what if we somehow accidentally sent them the wrong candle? What if we made a spelling mistake? What if? What if? What if?!

More than anything, it just felt so exciting.

We got our best man Peter on the job of making the most perfect Custom Candle we’ve ever made, and shipped it off. Once I’d seen that the candle had been successfully delivered, I dropped Katie a quick email to (hopefully) congratulate her, and to ask if she’d be willing to share her story. She obliged!

Her story is as follows:

‘I saw your candles on insta and knew it would be the perfect way to propose to my girlfriend, Linsey. We’ve been together almost 8 months and are going on a vacation to Hot Springs, AK in like a week and a half. We already bought rings together because we’re just super gay and doing the lesbian uhaul thing.

My plan right now is to find a nice place to have a picnic and slowly burn the candle as we relax, then ask her to look at it.'

The picnic date

'I think it’s the perfect way because we love picnics and also own about a million candles.'

'Our second date was a picnic at the local quarry and we just recently had a date where we made candles together. We are also visiting her family at the end of our trip on the way back home, and she’s super close with them so it’ll be the best way to celebrate her.’

A few weeks later, post proposal, Katie emailed us once again as promised, giving us an update.

A photo of the proposal candle

‘She said yes!’

‘We had to move halfway through because it started to rain but the candle is absolutely gorgeous and smells so good. She kept looking at it like, “there’s something down there”. It was the absolutely perfect way to propose.’

Thank you so much Katie for trusting us with this monumental moment in yours and Linsey’s life - we wish you a long and wonderful life together.

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